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Microsoft Office Specialist – Expert

Microsoft Office Specialist – Associate

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Who provides the certification and how long is it valid for?

Upon successful completion, you will be awarded an industry-recognized certificate from Microsoft which has lifelong validity.

What do I need to do to earn this certificate?

To obtain this certificate, you will need to pass the certification exam.

What is the duration of the certification exam?

Once you start the certification exam, you will have 1 hours to complete it and submit it. However, if you do not submit the answers within 1 hours the portal will automatically submit your answers once the time completes.

How many attempts do I have to pass the certification exam?

You will have only 1 attempt to pass the exam and get the certificate.

Welcome to our Microsoft Office Specialist courses.

Are you prepared to enhance your Microsoft Office abilities? You're in the right place! Our courses provide thorough training to equip you with the knowledge required to succeed in the modern competitive work environment.

Why Select Our Courses?

Expert-Led Training:Acquire knowledge from seasoned specialists who possess extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office apps. You will receive excellent instruction since our professors bring their practical experience and expertise to the classroom.

Interactive Learning Environment: We make sure that all of our courses are interesting and dynamic. You will obtain a thorough understanding of each application's functions through practical examples, case studies, and hands-on exercises.

Flexible Learning Options: We are aware that every person has a unique schedule and preferred method of learning. We provide self-paced online courses, virtual classrooms, and in-person classes as flexible learning alternatives because of this. Select the format that you find most convenient.

Curriculum: Our curriculum includes everything you need, regardless of your level of experience. Beginners wishing to establish a strong foundation or seasoned users hoping to grasp advanced features

Among the courses we offer are:

Microsoft Word:Produce papers with ease and a professional appearance by learning how to create, format, and edit documents.

Microsoft Excel: Discover how to use Excel's robust capabilities to manipulate data, build formulae, and produce smart reports.

Microsoft PowerPoint:Create engaging presentations with visually striking slides and compelling content to engage your audience.

Microsoft Outlook: Use the email, calendar, and task management features of Outlook to simplify communication and organization.

Microsoft Access: Learn how to effectively design, construct, and administer relational databases to unleash the power of databases.

Who Can Benefit?

All skill levels are welcome to enroll in our Microsoft Office Specialist courses, including: Students trying to improve their resumes so they can stand out from the competition when applying for jobs. professionals looking to improve their productivity at work and acquire new abilities. proprietors of small businesses looking to increase productivity through the best possible usage of Microsoft Office products.

Anyone hoping to obtain worthwhile, globally recognized certificates.

Are You Prepared to Begin?

Don't pass up the chance to work with Microsoft Office as a Specialist. Enroll in our classes right away to start down the path to using Microsoft Office to its fullest. Get in touch with us to learn more or to talk about your training requirements.

Together, let's set out on this successful voyage!